* Aboubacar Djelike Kouyate *

French-based Aboubacar Djéliké Kouyate originated from Mali. He was born into the long line of Kouyate griots. Each show is a lifetime of dedication and passion for a tradition inherited. Exuberant, commanding, intoxicating. He pairs formal training with traditions passed down for centuries. Traditional African sounds with a modern day twist. A serial collaborator, bandleader, singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher of African percussion. He shares story and culture with the broader community. He makes feet, bodies and minds move.



* Baked Beans *

Fresh from the surf scene of Geelong, Baked Beans spill a saucy serve of organ driven garage psych outta the can. The howl of front person Matt Blach (The Murlocs – drummer) is plated up over driving Hammond and guitars, that’ll burn the roof of your mouth. These beans bring lashings of western paddock-basher boogies that melt to make way for some serious sonic salvation signalling a simpler time and place: all with a groove that’s leisurely and oh so lackadaisical. 



* Bones and Jones *

Bones and Jones, a gang who grew up on the Surf-coast, make ol’ school rawk n roll. Theirs is an epic sound that takes us to excellent places and we’re a sucker for it. With hints of The Beatles, The Kinks, Velvet Underground and more, these lads make garagey goodness that’s familiar and comforting. Who isn’t fond of a harmonica? They arrive perfectly faded, cruising along to their own beat damn it feels good. Let the bones-and-jones-mania begin.



* Billy Davis and The Good Lords *

Billy Davis and The Good Lords. Self-taught, keyboardist, composer, bandleader, sessional muso, genius. What can’t Yung Billy Davis do? Touted as Melbourne’s Answer to Anderson Paak. Turns up the goods with a mix of Hip Hop, RnB, Gospel, contemporary Jazz and Funk. He’s a bloody joy to behold, a serious up and comer who cuts through the noise with quality. Either slaying with his band, The Good Lords, or through collabs and appearances, he’s cementing his spot in the international scene as an artist to watch.



* Civic *

Civic, a squalling hot mess of a band. In full command of their powers. 70s gutter rock and sweaty hardcore aggression filled with equal parts chaos and control. Nailing the rowdy sounds and snarling spirit of legends likes The Saints and The Dead Boys. A North star to a new chapter in the ongoing punk (r)evolution. Fast and loud. A knack for hooks and furious percussion. More singing than screaming.  Satisfying the need and want for a good rock tune.



* Cookin'on 3 Burners w/ Stella Angellico *

The country’s hottest Hammond Organ trio, Cookin’ On 3 Burners is bringing it to boiling point along with Stella Angelico, who’s set to sizzle. They live somewhere between the year you were born and mid-next week, somewhere between the old and a sound not even invented yet. Seriously smooth, they join the dots between deep funk, raw soul, organ jazz and boogaloo and their funky Evie set will have you shufflin’ on that dance floor, congratulating yourself for listening!



* Dianas *

Cut from a heady combo of cheap red wine, stolen guitars, heartbreak and boredom. Dianas have been cultivating DIY pop in dingy sharehouse lounge rooms since 2012. Flash forward through a handful of releases, an interstate move and many shows. Raw and driving music. A whirlpool of pulsating drums and siren song vocal harmonies. Interweaving bass and guitar melodies. A sound as spacious as it is intricate. The band is now fully formed. With a strong live show to boot.



* James Moloney and the Mad Dog Harrisons *

James Moloney and the Mad Dog Harrisons. Formed a stone's throw from the Tallarook Ranges. A three-piece of rock and roll rats who now call Melbourne’s North suburbs home. Familiar Australiana stylings have won them legend status for their EPs to date. Love songs to cars. Strong, captivating, roaring vocals. Being young and working it out. Conjuring nostalgic sounds of the city, life and identity. Laidback, throwback, relatable. Their first full lengther is imminent. Good reason to crack a tinnie!



* Laguna *

Keep your sunnies on and shoes off baby, it’s time to bring that sun another kiss by the pillow pop fuzz wah revolution; Laguna, a new and expressively open foursome inspired by the San Fran counter-culture movement of the 60s and early 70s and it’s culture altering performances and long ass list of timeless numbers. Come into the psychedelic sanctuary, an artistic experimentation in music and place for love built on the sonic foundations of communal expression and the cool breeze.



* Merpire *

Mid-year Merpire released her debut EP. It wasn’t long before people started to pay attention. Intelligent songwriting. Overlapping genres. Powerful, pitch-bending synth. Stripped-back, heart-breakers. Through speakers, headphones or in real life, it all feels good. Super sophisticated music and a captivating band piquing a tonne of attention. Small shows sold out. She moved to bigger venues. Demand remains high. Her refreshing and clever rollercoaster of emotion makes it so damn addictive. This is only the beginning. Get on board.



* Stonefield *

Luminaries of the modern psych-rock wave. Stonefield has contributed a mighty mosaic to proto-psych. Blasting out of rural Victoria a decade ago. Instantly drawing armies of fans and bookings with everyone from Meat Puppets to Fleetwood Mac. The four Findlay sisters live in their own stellar nebula, unmoved by trends. Consistently paying homage to the prog, metal and psych powerhouses of the 70s. Their latest sound excursions leave the psych-pop of earlier records and bend heavily toward prog and metal.



* The Putbacks *

The Putbacks are a rhythm section. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and percussion. Stone cold pros. Veterans of tours and studios from here to back of Bourke. As individuals, they’re behind so many great bands it’s difficult to list. But let's name a few. Hiatus Kaiyote, The Bombay Royale, D.D Dumbo, Swooping Duck, The Meltdown, Black Arm Band. Not to mention an ongoing collab with Emma Donovan. Together, they’re one of the tightest, sharpest, most dynamic musical units ever to exist.



* Born Slippy *

Think of a song that includes Slip or Slide in the title, and you will hear it. And when Born Slippy runs out of them, the wet fun is over. Maybe. Anyways, get your gear off and get slippy and slidey. Listen for the Underworld banger to see a potential human disaster take place.



* Djaz *

Always on form, Djaz has been spinning heads and bangers in and around local inner-city pubs and bars for near on 10 years. That’s a lotta tune miles and a lotta good nights. She's a connoisseur of the sweet spot and feel good tunes. She lives to help you re-member forgotten moments. Through aural stimulation, she spins her magic and effortless imbues the jams you know and love with a brand new reminiscence. Boom!



* DJ Manchild *

DJ Manchild knows a thing or two about The Funk. He’s on a lifelong mission to find that Funk and bring it to you. He travels the world, scouring dusty basements and garages from Abidjan to Tokyo to Mumbai for The Funk. Nothing will stop him in his pursuit of The Funk. He happily gives up food for The Funk. He will laugh in the face of danger and charge headlong into the jaws of ruin all for The Funk.



* Ferg (Roller One) *

Roller One is that very special and understated heavy folk noir two-piece who do their suave thing with a guitar, double bass and voices around town. Ferg is one half of Roller One and has one of the best and most enviable record collections in town. The man knows the tune you need to hear next better than you know your own mother. Elegance personified, he’ll be dropping all the right tunes at all the right times this Evie.



* Lady Love Potion *

Lady Love Potion plays vinyl for romance n kicks n true love. We're talkin' rock n roll records, rhythm n blues and sixties girl group soul records, wavy gravy garage psych records, smooth yacht rock records, eighties new wave  records and cheesy nineties euro-dance-pop records. Oh, and Wu-Tang records, Stevie Nicks records, Gloria Ann Taylor records and records from our current local darlings too. Lady Love Potion loves records and wants to have a record party with you!



* Larry Kronick Jr *

Back and totally psyched to be leading the charge on the decks at Evie this year, this old geezer somehow performed at, and/or survived 25 years of the Big Day Out Lilypad, a dozen Fuji Rock Festivals, a lot of Boogies and DJ’ed a wedding in Tassie once. Pretty clapped out really but somehow he manages to pulls some magick out of his arse once or twice a year leaving your soul so satisfied you’ll be left begging for mercy.



* Love Police DJs *

Haze out on the first day of the year with an eclectic and electric four-hour set direct from the minds of these creative geniuses (sic). No funk, no hip-hop, but pretty much everything else. Think of it as hours of flicking the dial between RRR, Gold FM, PBS and old school 3XY. Your youth and your future all rolled into one. They may even take requests. Maybe.



* Mikey Goodfellow *

In dance music circles he’s admired for his technical skills, giant record collection and for being the mastermind behind the Hotbox Disco warehouse parties circa 2013. His mightily varied musical flavours and empathy with a discerning crowd means he can play anything - rockabilly, freaked out punk, Detroit soul, R&B, Italian disco funk or old rock/pop bombs. "Usually if more than half the crowd has stripped down to their underwear by mid-set I know we’re on the right path".



* Natta Jain - Haute Occulturist *

Intuitively Natta Jain uses Astrology and Tarot to help you ignite your own intuition, so you can clearly blaze the trail forward that you subconsciously have always wanted to follow. Natta Jain will help you to unravel the mysteries of your past, whilst solidly grounding you in the present, reminding you of your strengths and highlighting opportunities that you might otherwise miss in 2019 and beyond.


* Slip n Slide *

Back and bigger than ever the annual not-to-be-missed New Year’s Evie Slip n Slide. What a way to slide into 2019! Covered in suds, on a blow up mattress, twisting and tumbling down the hill with all your best mates. So, buy the ticket and take the ride. As always, it's happening New Year's morning, so don't forget to bring your togs, hop on to wash away 2018 and cleanse yourself for the wonders that 2019 are sure to bring!


* Dates *

Monday 31 December 2018 to Wednesday 2 January 2019


* Venue *

Our Friends Farm (formerly Bruzzy Park)
210 Pyalong Road Tallarook VIC


* Gate Times *

Gates open - 12pm, Monday 31 December 2018

Gates close - 12pm, Wednesday 2 January 2019

* Tickets *


* Getting There *


By train

Leave the wheels at home and catch the train. Yep, reduce your carbon footprint, don't worry about delays or breath testing on the way home. For under $10 you can board at Southern Cross Train Station, roll down the seymour line and in less than an hour jump off at Tallarook station. Once you arrive at Tallarook station, it is a lovely 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute drive to Our Friends Farm.


By car

1. From Melbourne head North up the Hume Highway

2. Once you pass the Broadford exit, look out for Tallarook exit

3. Take the Tallarook exit and follow it through Tallarook town

4. Go past the Tallarook pub and turn left under the Highway onto Tallarook-Pyalong Road

Two kilometres down the road, and over the rise on the right, you will find Our Friends Farm, the home of New Years Evie


There are NO Shuttles operating between Tallarook station and the site for New Years Evie.

* Map *

* Camping *

Evie is a camping festival! Intense right! There are stacks of camping areas, toilets, showers and free drinking water. Caravans and motor homes welcome but NO powered sites are available. It's gonna be hawt, so include something to shade yourself in your set up so you don’t fry up under the morning sun. If you drive, you can park next to your tent. 

* Entertainment *

Music kicks off, bars open and food will be available from early afternoon on New Year's Eve. On New Year's Day there will be a GIANT slip n slide with music, food/bars winding down early in the morning on Wednesday 2 January.


In the morning on Wednesday 2 January, you don't need to head off as soon as the music finishes. You're free to stay at Our Friends Farm in the camping area and don't need to leave until gates close at midday.


* Food & Drink *

As always, our food offerings are top shelf. Joining us for your culinary delights are our taste buddies Sparrows Philly Cheesesteak, The Smoothie Co., Beatbox Kitchen, Taco Truck, Limoncello and Ice Cream Socila.

Drinks will be flowing too, with the bars brimming with delightful bevvies for any predilection, including "The Bruzzy" which is making its triumphant return for New Year's Evie.


Veg, vegan and gluten free options available.

Breakfast will be available to purchase in the morning on Wednesday 2 January.

* Toilets, Showers, Drinking Water & Ice *

There are ample toilets located across site, in the entertainment and camping areas. There are outdoor showers located near the oval. There is a $5 charge per shower to cover water and gas costs. The showers are unattended and we use an honour system, so please make sure you drop your fiver in. Don't forget your towel! There will be drinking water stations at key points around the site and ice for sale in the entertainment area.

* Event Info & Safety *

The safety and enjoyment of our guests and your fellow punters is paramount – please look after one another! Be sure to be cool by pacing yourself and keeping hydrated. Our Info Centre is on the right as your enter the event. It is open throughout the entire event, 24 hrs a day. We’re here to help with any issues or questions. You can also access lost and found and get breatho'd here or just come say hi. We have First Aid is on site 24/7 too and they're located in the cricket clubhouse in front of the oval. Please report any incidents or anything that appears to be dangerous or out of place to the Info Centre, event staff, first aid or security.

* Waste & Recycling *

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible so we recycle and compost all waste. Please assist and put your rubbish in the appropriate bins. When you're heading off, please clean up your campsite and bring all your waste to the waste stations. The main one will be located next to the oval near the cricket club. Or better still take it home with you! P.S. Worms will save the world!


So ya know, we sort every single bit of waste on site into one of the following streams:


Plastic, cardboard, cans etc (no glass on site, right?!)


Go into the worm farm - No animal products, citrus or onions please!


Everything else. Please take it with you and put it in your bin at home. If you only bring what you need and separate your waste streams there will not be much of this! If you have wet or broken camp gear, please take it with you. It isn't supposed to be single use. So clean it and fix it later.

* Cash *

There will be EFTPOS available for drink purchases at the main bar but NO CASH OUT available on site. It's a good idea to bring enough cash with you to see you through your New Year's Evie days and nights.

* BYO *

Yes, you can, but please don’t bring any glass. BYO is in camping area only. While New Year's Evie is a BYO event, BYO alcohol is NOT permitted in the entertainment area as this area is licensed. We ask you don't smuggle BYO alcohol into the entertainment area, it really hurts our feelings. Our licensing means we can’t serve you after 1am, so make sure you BYO to enjoy outside the entertainment area once the bars are closed.

* Alcohol in Glass & Kegs *

Please again, no glass and no kegs. We’ve got the kegs covered!


* Driving on Site *

We aim to keep driving on site to a minimum and we have a strict no driving at night policy. During daylight hours the speed limit is 5km p/hour but we discourage unnecessary vehicle movements on site. If you are driving on site, please keep your eyes out for pedestrians. If you arrive once it's dark, you'll need to leave your car at the top camp area(right near the entry gate) until daylight hours when you can drive into the site proper. If you plan to leave the festival at night, simply move your car to the top camp area during daylight hours. Then you can drive straight out once it's dark.


* Children *

Children are welcome however this is really an event for big kids. If you bring yours, please make sure they are fully supervised at all times. Please note that our licensing conditions are very strict and all children need to be out of the entertainment area (and in bed!) by 10 pm. Kids under 8 years are admitted for free. Kids between 8 and 15 years are charged a reduced ticket price.

* Weather *

Check the weather forecast here

As we all know, our Aussie lands are subject to large fluctuations in temperature so PLEASE come prepared for all weather conditions including extreme cold, rain and/or intense sun and heat.


There is a TOTAL Fire ban in place, and all fires are absolutely prohibited!!!

It’s going to be hawt; we’re talking 38 – 40 degrees. So, please pack shade for your campsite, lots of water, slip slop slap and togs for the Slip n Slide. It can cool down at nights, so make sure you pack warm things too.

* Fires *

Absolute no no padres. It's bushfire season and a bushfire area. So definitely NO fires and NO naked flames allowed. That means no barbeques or gas bottles either, and for the smokers, PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS ARE OUT and in the bin!


* What You Should Bring *

  • Good Vibes

  • Earplugs

  • Johnson & Johnson No More Tears shampoo for the Slip and Slide

  • Togs for the Slip'n'slide

  • Birthday love for Zibby

  • All your camping gear - tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, blankets etc

  • Towel

  • Toiletries and any prescription medication

  • Suncreen + hat

  • New Year's Evie get up!

  • Cash - no cash out available on site

  • Drinking Water for your campsite - drinking water is available on site and free but all comes from rainwater, so if you can, please BYO

  • Ice - there will be limited ice for sale

  • Mobile (Telstra has best coverage)

  • Reusable Drink bottle (not glass)

* What You Cannot Bring *

  • Pets

  • Gas bottles of any size

  • Polystyrene

  • Glass (no jars or bottles, nothing!)

  • Kegs

  • Generators

  • Drugs

  • Fire

  • BBQs

  • Aggression

  • Prejudice

  • Unachievable New Year's resolutions

  • Bad attitudes

  • Beanbags

  • Flares, Fireworks or Firesticks

  • Weapons

  • Non-biodegradable glitter

* General Enquiries *

Any questions? Email info@newyearsevie.com


* Press Enquiries *

Please direct any press enquiries to info@newyearsevie.com

We don't issue press passes sorry.




© 2019 New Year's Evie

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