Different Ways To Determine Your Hair Strand Type

Posted on Apr 18, 2020 in Different Hairstyles

Different Ways To Determine Your Hair Strand Type

Different people have different hair types but the fact is that most of the people do not know about how to identify hair type. Over here, you will come to know about the easiest ways to determine your hair strand type by which it will become easy for you to know the type of the hair that you are choosing. Without knowing the hair type it might become little bit difficult for you to choose the product related to the type of your hair. Wrong hair product can damage your hair which is why it is necessary to know the type.

Different ways to keep in mind

Plenty of ways are there which will be going to help in knowing the type of hair so you must focus on all of the points.

Hair density- You must have a look on your air density as it can be of three types like thin, medium, and thick. If you can easily see your scalp then it is thin, in the case of medium the visibility gets reduced and in the thick one scalp isn’t visible.

Hair diameter-You should check out whether your hair is thin medium or thick. There are some easy steps like you simply need to hold the hair and based on the feel you can determine the diameter.

Porosity- It is the ability through which your hair can absorb and retain the moisture. You need to check out whether your hair has high, medium or low porosity and it can be done easily.

These are some of the steps that you should follow and make sure to identify the type of your hair before placing order for any product.